Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dogs Delight 36 Neighbourhood watch

On my way to the butcher’s I meet Peter Hopkirk wheeling a large home-made trolley containing a builder’s spade and a complicated device for unblocking drains.   
old farm implements, farm contraption, home-made trolley, home-made cart 

He is wearing his best boiler suit and waders and gives me a cynical glance before steering the contraption scornfully past the satellite van and the array of media vehicles by the green. 

Peter Hopkirk disapproves of newcomers with a silent bitter intensity; of the media, obviously, and of the Hunts, who will soon have been at Cobblers’ Cottage for thirty years.  They are throwing a celebratory party at Christmas.  As if staying in the village for any length of time is something  to celebrate!

christmas decorations, christmas party, village party