Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dogs Delight 29 Funny turn

The damp smell of grass is sweet.  It reminds me of a picnic long ago, but it was summer then and the field was bright with buttercups so tall I could lose myself.  Just like then, I never want to get up again.  I lie completely still until the damp has seeped through my coat and I am shivering. 

buttercup field

Stokes’ Jack Russell finds me when they come out to lock up the shotgun for the night and Stokes hauls me up roughly, muttering under his breath.

In the dark empty lounge of the Lone Gelding Mrs Stokes begins to pour out a brandy, but I ask for Pernod instead: long and with lots of ice in a tall glass.  It’s the only drink I really like.

glass of Pernod with ice, Pernod in pub
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