Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dogs Delight 23 Labrador not retriever

I lie on my bed, watching a grey cloud roll across the window, dreaming up ways to escape.  Sometimes I am alone but sometimes I am with the stranger from Evensong.  We rush through an airport together, happy and excited, or hand in hand we tread the gangway of a cruise liner wearing tropical clothes.  We are always laughing.
When I  hear the door slam as Mrs Dilkes heavily leaves the house I wander downstairs and realise that Bailey has been missing for hours; so I haul on Richard’s waxed jacket and set off to find him in the heavy rain.  Retrievers are meant to retrieve but I am often out in the fields retrieving Bailey and I don’t think he has ever brought back anything useful: just carrion and the large stones he digs up in fields and streams, which wear down his teeth and trip people up as they cross the fields.

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