Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dogs Delight 33 Local news

In the morning there is a large photograph of Bailey in the Laxley Gazette with the glaring headline, ‘The Beast with Five Fingers.’ 
the beast with five fingers, horror, horror film

I think this is worse than last night’s television news, which showed the village uncustomarily festive with its fluttering lines of police tape and furtive groups of villagers aiming glares at the camera.  We watched it with Mrs Dilkes, who was excited because the reporter had accosted Mr Dilkes for his reaction to the story and she was eager to see him on screen.  The Dilkes haven’t bought a television yet.

‘He said it’s shocking that it should happen in a tight-knit community like this,’ she told us; which was a sensible response, if untrue.  But while he was speaking Pamela Jolie rode Saracen too close to the cameraman, knocking his elbow, and his interview was not used.

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