Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dogs Delight 30 Bad dog

The village is a long line of houses forming Main Street, with a few short rows leading off.  Main Street is now lined with bulky television vehicles and two satellite vans are parked on the village green, all because of Bailey’s discovery. 

satellite van, local news, television, village green

This morning two local television crews hammered on our door and asked to film him, but Richard sent them away, swearing freely, and let Bailey out at the back into the garden, where he dug a hole in the lawn. 

I stay inside, shaking, waiting for the police inspector to arrive.  Through the window I can see two officers following Bailey around the maples, hoping to discover where he buries his treasures; but Bailey does not usually bury things as he prefers to eat them straightaway.  One of the policemen tells me they may have to arrest him. 

I can’t tell whether or not he is joking.